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bioCEED master students graduate.


Two of bioCEED´s MSc students in Education who have written their Master’s thesis on bioCEED-related topics have recently completed their degree. Sara Madeleine Kristensen and Kjell Daniel Kristensen successfully defended their thesis on June 22 and June 27, respectively. Congratulations!

ArtsApp reborn!


More than two years ago, ArtsApp, the bioCEED funded app for species identification was launched. Students on the BIO102 (Organism Biology II) field course in Bergen were the first to try the beta release that included the identification key for Carex species (Starr, in Norwegian). Since then, ArtsApp has been upgraded and additional keys for…

Summary of research group meetings in Bergen


During spring 2017, we have organized bioCEED research meetings every other week. The research group has met for one hour were the meetings have consisted of theoretical and practical discussions, and feedback on individuals’ work. We have discussed diverse themes such as motivation, self-determination theory, qualitative and quantitative methods, learning, and digital pedagogical tools. During…

Five university teachers awarded Excellent Teaching Practitioner status at the University of Bergen


As the first Norwegian institution the University of Bergen rewards excellence in teaching practice through the newly established merit system Excellent Teaching Practitioner and Pedagogical Academy. Five university teachers at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences will be awarded status as Excellent Teaching Practitioner in a ceremony in the University Aula 1st of June. The…

bioCEED at EuroSOTL 2017


This year’s participants in the bioCEED course Collegial Teaching and Learning in STEM Education will present their group projects in Lund at the conference EuroSoTL 2017– Transforming patterns through the scholarship of teaching and learning, June 8-9.

Writing seminar for students at UNIS

On the 5th of May, the biology students at UNIS was introduced on how to write scientific papers by Kit Kovacs from the Norwegian Polar Institute. Kit  has, in addition to writing book chapters, reports and popular articles, written over 200 publications, some of them published in journals like Science. During the seminar, Kit touch several themes on how to build an…

bioCEED research group meeting on organizational ethnography

On May 12th  the bioCEED research group had a meeting on ethnography, with special focus on organizational and short-term ethnography. Ethnography is one of the main approaches in qualitative method and we discussed how it can be used to investigate teaching practices, knowledge, and culture. Ethnography doesn’t have to be long term embedded research practices,…

Students engaging students during bioBreakfast seminars


The month of May marked the two first bioBreakfast meetings at UNIS. The project is student-led and initiated by bioCEED student representatives Malene Vinnes and Mari Engelstad. The project sets out to bridge the gap between Bachelor-, master- and Ph.D.-students at the biology department at the university center in Svalbard by arranging breakfast meetings where…

Looking back at 3 years with bioCEED

As part of the interim evaluation of the Centres of Excellence in Education, we were asked by NOKUT and the evaluation committee to write a self-evaluation report. Looking back on 3 years of activity and summing up was a challenging but rewarding exercise!

Internship students interviewed in the radio programme EKKO


Curious about the internship courses at BIO in Bergen? Listen to the radio programme EKKO in NRK P2 (25th of April) where students are telling about their internship experience: and read the students blog biologipraksis UiB here:

Three biologists share their impressions from the MNT conference


The MNT conference 2017 is now over, and many are back from Oslo with news ideas and contacts, certainly an extended to-do list, various feedback on personal contributions (see bioCEED’s contributions here). Three of us take a moment to share their views and impressions on the conference, and bring up some highlights.

Which methods to use in educational research?

On the April 7th, 2017, bioCEED held a research group meeting where we discussed the value, benefits, and disadvantages of using quantitative methods in educational research. There has for a long time existed a debate in the field of educational research about which research methods yield the most correct results for investigating learning, teaching, and…

Did you miss “Gender matters!”? See the video here.

On March 27th, bioCEED’s student representatives at UiB Ragnhild Gya and Mari Vold Bjordal hosted together with Studentersamfunnet a meeting about unequal participation between genders in the lecture halls and in meetings. For this occasion, they had invited Sehoya Cotner and Cissy Ballen from the University of Minnesota, and Ole-Petter Moe Hansen from the Norwegian…

bioCEED well-represented at the “MNT-conference 2017”


This year’s MNT-conference “Transformative education” took place in Oslo, Hotel Soria Moria on March 30th-31st. bioCEED contributed with 10 articles and corresponding presentations as well as an overview of the goals and activities of the Centre of Excellence. The full list of contributions and authors is found below with links to the articles published in the…