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Monthly Archives: June 2017

bioCEED master students graduate.


Two of bioCEED´s MSc students in Education who have written their Master’s thesis on bioCEED-related topics have recently completed their degree. Sara Madeleine Kristensen and Kjell Daniel Kristensen successfully defended their thesis on June 22 and June 27, respectively. Congratulations!   Sara Madeleine has conducted a cross-sectional study of first year Bachelor students in Biology…

biORAKEL and bioBreakfast will take some rest and return in September


The tenth and last session of biORAKEL for this semester was held on Thursday, June 1st. Is is now time for our oracles to get some well-deserved rest, but not without receiving our congratulations and many thanks for their enthusiastic participation and for a job well done! Initiated by highly-motivated MSc students at the Department of Biology…

ArtsApp reborn!


More than two years ago, ArtsApp, the bioCEED funded app for species identification was launched. Students on the BIO102 (Organism Biology II) field course in Bergen were the first to try the beta release that included the identification key for Carex species (Starr, in Norwegian). Since then, ArtsApp has been upgraded and additional keys for…

Summary of research group meetings in Bergen


During spring 2017, we have organized bioCEED research meetings every other week. The research group has met for one hour were the meetings have consisted of theoretical and practical discussions, and feedback on individuals’ work. We have discussed diverse themes such as motivation, self-determination theory, qualitative and quantitative methods, learning, and digital pedagogical tools. During…