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Forum for Educational Leadership discussing pedagogical merit-systems


The National Forum for Educational Leadership in Biology is a network and meeting place established in 2016. It is meant as an arena for discussion and exchange of ideas across the different biology departments at Norwegian Universities – with a focus on the work of Heads of Education or those with this responsibility. bioCEED has…

Up and running – bioBREAKFAST UNIS


bioBREAKFAST is a pilot project from the UNIS student representatives at bioCEED directed towards bachelor, master and PhD-students at the biology department at UNIS and funded by NOKUT. The goal with the project is to strengthen the bonds between students at different levels and to exchange and develop knowledge and skills that are useful.

“The Happiest Field Station on Earth” – a travelogue from Sehoya Cotner


On the eve of the latest United Nations report, revealing Norway to be “The Happiest Place on Earth,” I arrived at the coldest place I’ve ever been—Longyearbyen. As a biology-education researcher from the University of Minnesota, I’ve been working with bioceed for a year, but this was my first visit to the University Centre in…

Promising start for the student-coordinated project biORAKEL


On Thursday, March 13th, biORAKEL opened for the second time the doors of K1/K2 at the Department of Biology, UiB to all biology students in the need of help with lab journals and preparation for exams. Amazingly, It did not take more than 15 minutes to fill up the room!

bioCEED project receives grant from the Olav Thon Foundation

UiO - Olav Thon Stiftelsen prisutdeling i Universitetets aula 2. mars 2017

Earlier this year, the Olav Thon Foundation announced in a press release that bioCEED’s project “Numerical competence and student-active research” was attributed a national teaching-related research grant of NOK 1.4 million (see article). The project, led by Sigrunn Eliassen, Øystein Varpe and Jonathan Soulé, aims at developing and extending the learning platform bioST@TS with quantitative methods and tools, and will support…

Student meeting – Gender matters!

bioCEED’s student representatives at UiB are hosting together with Studentersamfunnet a meeting about unequal participation between genders in the lecture halls and in meetings. For this occasion, we have invited Sehoya Cotner and Cissy Ballen from the University of Minnesota, and Ole-Petter Moe Hansen from the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen to present the interesting…

Great learning experience on international politics doing role-play at UNIS

13.-14. of February the students attending AB-203, Arctic Environmental Management got hands on experience with international politics.  A multinational conference was staged; “As the sea ice reaches new critical lows in the arctic, the interest of energy, shipping, fishing and resource companies looks north to the opening up of a new ocean for business”.  Students acted…

New ways of teaching create new demands on teachers and on systems


When we introduce more student active teaching as alternatives to the traditional lecture based teaching at university, this has implications for our role as teachers. We have to develop a part of this role which, at best, has been slumbering in the shadow of a more dominant and, one might add, more or less successful…

bioCEED’s interim evaluation is soon to begin!

In 2014 bioCEED was awarded the status as a Centre for Excellence in Education (SFU) by NOKUT for a period of five years, first, with possibility for extension of another five years. Nearly 3 years have passed since the opening of the centre. bioCEED is now about to enter the evaluation process which will lead to decision on…

biORAKEL – when biology students help biology students…


biORAKEL is a new, student-coordinated platform where undergraduate students can come and get help from more experienced students called oracles. These oracles are available to answer general questions from the undergraduate biology courses, and to help out with the different assignments in these courses such as reports, academic writing, sources etc. biORAKEL works with two types of oracles: Oracle 1 and Oracle 2.…

Mapping the teaching landscape at UNIS and UiB

In collaboration with our associate professor Sehoya Cotner and postdoc Cissy Ballen (University of Minnesota) bioCEED has initiated a project to map how biology faculty currently teach and what characterizes their teaching. During spring 2017 data will be collected at UNIS with emphasize on:

New student representatives ready to join in!

Welcome to our new bioCEED student representatives at UNIS!  Malene Klakegg Vinnes and Mari Engelstad are going to join in the bioCEED team for the spring semester 2017.  bioCEED are looking very much forward to have you both in our group!

Upcoming events February

Lunch seminar at UNIS – Higer Education for Sustainable Development. Talk by Astrid Sinnes, Associate professor in science education, NMBU.